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Top Altpocket Alternatives to Use (in 2020)

Altpocket's website

An overview of the best alternatives to Altpocket crypto tracker

Tracking your crypto portfolio and following the latest news isn’t always easy. Investors can easily become overwhelmed by the fast-moving world of cryptocurrencies.

Since the early days of blockchain, enthusiasts have turned to aggregated sources of information to digest large amounts of information more easily.

One such example, Altpocket, has been the application of choice for thousands of cryptocurrency investors since its launch in the spring of 2017. Altpocket monitors all of the most recent updates in cryptocurrency prices and news and brings it in a convenient digital interface.

Designed to serve as a one-stop-shop for tracking, sharing and sourcing news, Altpocket is jam-packed with awesome features like these:

  • Auto-import of buy/sell orders.
  • Real-time profit/loss calculation
  • Super clean UI
  • Integration with Poloniex & Bittrex
  • 100+ supported coins
  • Multiple APIs
  • Dark Theme
  • Ability to track mined cryptocurrencies and ICO investments

Altpocket takes it even further by adding a social component, an aspect most cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps leave out.

Although Altpocket is extremely feature-rich, it isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone. Here are some great Altpocket alternatives you should give a shot this year.

Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro goes above and beyond in keeping up with your portfolio in the most beautiful way possible. Exchange API integration makes logging every transaction super easy. Furthermore, Crypto Pro takes privacy and security to a whole new level. User information is never shared with any third parties. Crypto Pro is also one of the few crypto apps on the market available for Apple Watch.

Top Crypto Pro features include:

  • Tracking capability for over 5000+ assets
  • Privacy-focused technology (GDPR compliant)
  • Ability to import portfolios via wallet address or exchange API
  • Dark and light modes
  • Customized price alerts
  • Custom-tailored news section
  • FaceID, TouchID or password lock on iPhones
  • Price & Volume history graphs
  • Siri integration
  • Apple Watch app


Crypto Pro is a freemium app. While many users will be satisfied with the free plan, a pro subscription plan is available as well.

The pro plan runs $5.99/month when paid monthly or $39.99 when purchased yearly.

Download Crypto Pro for iOS
Download Crypto Pro for Android


Blockfolio has chosen a different approach to the portfolio tracking model. Blockfolio is purely mobile-based and doesn’t include any social component.

screenshot of blockfolio app

With over 5 million users, Blockfolio is one of the most popular crypto mobile apps on the market.

Some of Blockfolio’s key features:

  • Customizable home screen
  • Price data on 8,000+ coins and tokens
  • Support for over 100 fiat currencies
  • Chart the trend of your crypto investments over time with your personal portfolio graph
  • Customizable price alerts
  • Real-time candlestick charts and order book data from top exchanges
  • A news feed that pulls from CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and more
  • Security and privacy features

Blockfolio also has the Signal feature which allows crypto executives to communicate more directly with interested investors.


Blockfolio is 100% free.


  • Prices shown on the app might not be as reliable and can be different than other sources. It depends on which averages you are using.
  • If you own several cryptocurrencies, you might receive too many notifications which can be irritating.


Blockfolio is available only on Mobile. The mobile app is available for Android & IOS. Slack integration also available.

Download Blockfolio


Co-Founded in Israel in 2016 as CoinDash, Blox is a cryptocurrency accounting, tracking, and management aggregate that positions itself as “Quickbooks for crypto”. This system was designed to be automated, precise and efficient.

Image of Blox app

Blox has a few sets of features that set them apart from the average tracking portfolio app. Geared more for management for professionals and financial teams, this app throws a serious punch, especially for those looking for an app that allows for crypto accounting.

  • Auto track and sync your account to an exchange
  • Advances cryptocurrency accounting software
  • Real-time asset performance, balance, analytics & historical data.
  • Support available on mobile and web
  • Designed for “team” management, with a shareable workspace.


Blox operates on a freemium model. A feature-limited option is available for free. The free plan includes up to $50,000 in Assets under Management, storage of up to 100 transactions, and support via email only.

The most expensive plan, which runs $249 per month, includes up to $60 Million in AUM, storage of 50,000 transactions, and up to 8 collaborators. The plan also includes a dedicated account manager.

The Blox pricing breakdown


Blox is available on web and mobile.


CoinMarketCap app

With over 37 million visitors per month, CoinMarketCap is one of the most highly visited sites in the world.

With CoinMarketCap, price tracking has always been the primary focus. Key features of the platform include:

  • Portfolio tracking & watchlist
  • Accurate data, alerts, conversions and charting tools
  • Follow up on cryptocurrency & blockchain news

Unfortunately, a common complaint of the CoinMarketCap app and website is the intrusive level of advertising.


CoinMarketCap is a free platform.


Available on web and mobile for Android & IOS.


image of Voyager app for buying and selling cryptocurrency

Once called Ethos wallet, Voyager was designed as a universal wallet that allows you to store, track & monitor cryptocurrencies.

Key features of the Voyager app:

  • Ability to store cryptocurrencies on your smartphone
  • Ledger hardware wallet integration
  • Advanced portfolio tracking capability
  • State of the art security combined with simplicity
  • Coin profiles with technicals, market, performance, ratings & more
  • Support for nearly all major cryptocurrencies
  • Automatic airdrops
  • Asset allocation & key management
  • Mobile support
  • Social features allow users to interact with others




The Voyager app is currently only available on iOS.

Visit Voyager’s website


CoinTracking was designed to be a digital currency investment portfolio management platform. It enables users to keep track of all their digital assets as well as generate corresponding tax reports. An issue that has become increasingly important for bitcoin traders, as the IRS begins to turn their eyes to cryptocurrency-related activities.

CoinTrackers key features:

  • Ability to create tax forms
  • Compatible with all major cryptocurrencies, exchanges & wallets.
  • Historical price data of top cryptocurrencies


Like many options on this list, Cointracking is a freemium app. The free version will allow tracking of up to 200 transactions and includes advertising. The “Pro” option, which costs $117 per year allows tracking of 3,500 transactions. The most expensive option, the “Unlimited” plan allows users to track an unlimited number of transactions, has no advertising, and offers tax & capital gains reporting for 50 wallets.

Free to $76.00/ Annual Membership. Lifetime Licenses also available.


Cointracking is available for iOS and Android devices.

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