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How to Setup Your Portfolio

Start tracking your portfolio’s performance

There are two main ways to setup your portfolio with Crypto Pro. You can either connect to your exchanges and wallets for automatic sync, or manually add your trades and balances. You can also choose to use a combination of both.

You can create multiple portfolios depending on your investment strategy. Portfolios can be duplicated, deleted, and renamed. Once you complete setting up your portfolio, you’ll be able to monitor its performance and view statistics.

Automatic Import

You can connect to exchanges via ‘Read-only’ API keys, and to your cryptocurrency wallets via Public Keys. Crypto Pro will then import your balances and automatically update your portfolio.

API Keys and Wallet Addresses are encrypted and stored locally on your device. We do not have access to your data nor do we track users in any way. Here’s our simple Privacy Policy.

1. Exchange Import

Crypto Pro supports API import from over 90 exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. Click here to view detailed guides on how to create your API keys and link them to Crypto Pro.

2. Wallet Import

We support Wallet import from over 100 cryptocurrencies including ERC-20 Tokens. Click here to view detailed guides on how you can set this up.

Note: Trade history import is not yet implemented on Crypto Pro (will be released soon), therefore Exchange and Wallet Imports will not display total gain/loss for assets.

Manual Entries

You can also elect to manually enter your portfolio data in the app. The process is straightforward and requires only a few taps.

1. Adding a Trade

Recording your trades in the app enables you to view statistics such as your total gain/loss and your highest gainers & losers. Click here to see how you can start.

2. Adding a Balance

Adding a balance is a quick and simple way to track the value of an asset in your portfolio. It does not track costs nor contribute to the total gain/loss. Click here to see how you can add a balance.

3. CSV Import

You can import your trades in .csv format on the iPhone or iPad app. You’ll first need to download our template, fill it with your trades, then import it to Crypto Pro. Click here to learn how.

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